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Marcus Hermer, Mary Hermer (Schwager), Children Eda & Adelia


from L-R Nettie Lemke (Tooley), Freda Hill (Lemke), Leonard Hill, Adolph Lemke


Ola James

Ola James

Ola James

June James

Ola & Ian James

June James with her sister Donna

Ian James

Ian James

Ian, Mother Loretta, Ola & Amp James

Ian, Ola & Amp James

Ira & Nancy Wood, Loretta James (Wood), Billy James, Children Amp, Ola, Ian

Ola & Amp James

Ian, Amp & Billy James

Ian & Billy James

Edward and Anne James

Bob & Billy James

Billy, Loretta and Ola James

Edward & Anne James, Eddie, Bill & George

Back: Maggie, Eddie, Anna, Mom, Dad, Russell, Willie & Charlie Front: Amp and Ian

Billy James

Amp James

Billy James

Billy and Loretta (Wood), James, Amp, Ola & Ian

Amp & Ian James


Alicide Jeannerett, Wilfred Jeannerett, Carmen Jeannerett, Phylis Jeannerett (Weber)

Carmen Jeanneret

Wilfred Jeanneret

Alcide Jeanneret

Adeline Jeanneret

Wilfred Jeanneret making syrup

d Jeannerett (Blacksmith Shop)

Alicide & Wilfred Jeannerett (Blacksmith Shop)

George Jeannerett Son of Ami & Elvina Jeannerett

Rachel Jeannerett Daughter of Ami and Elvina Jeannerett

Alicide Jeannerett


Sam and Mary Kelford and boys 1957

Mary and Sam Kelford

Sam Kelford and Art Cameron

Clifford & Alvin Kelford

Billie George Kelford

Sam & Mary Kelford and boys

Kelford boys


Wedding reception of Manson and Marjorie Kellar

Rudy, Marjorie and Karen Kellar at Centennial picnic Plevna hall

Wedding dinner of Manson and Marjorie Kellar

Philip Thibadeau, Rudy Kellar and Lorna Hertendy pony rides Centennial picnic Plevna hall

Wedding announcement of Manson and Marjorie Kellar

Marjorie Kellar (Card)

Marjorie and Manson Kellar

Marj Kellar

Marj Kellar

Marj Kellar

Bill and Manson Kellar

Marj Kellar

Betty card and Bill Kellar

Claude & Winnie (Massey) Kellar


Florence and Bill Keller


Agnes Kring and Betty Card

Bernice Kring, Marjorie Card and Agnes Kring

Kring sisters Mary Barton, Laura Williams, Maude Lavorie and May Hill 1938

Agnes Kring and Marjorie Card

From L-R Mary Barton (Kring), Laura Williams (Kring), Maude Lavoy (Kring), Mae Hill (Kring), 1938


Neil and Della Larock


Gustave and son

Pauline, Elton and Jim Lemke

Lemke Boys

Fred Lemke, Edith and Ray White

Gustave and Fred Lemke

Fred Lemke and Jim

Back: Julius Lemke, Wellington Colter, Adolph Lemke, Wilfred Lemke Front: Freda Lemke, Carlena Lemke (Hartmann), Elsie Colter (Lemke), Louise Tooley (Lemke), Augusta Kring (Lemke)

Emmas 3 Girls Elton and Pauline White

Edith Lemke

Edith Lemke and Zilda Hartmann dressed as men

Evelyn Lemke (nee Betts), Doris Betts (nee Struthers), Sarah Struthers (nee Armstrong) and Wayne Lemke

Edith and Emma Lemke

Eels from coxvale late 30s Fred and Edith Lemke

Emma lemke and Rueben albert

Adolph Lemke

Adolph Lemke and Nettie Lemke (Tooley)


Addie Long (nee Struthers) and Sarah Struthers (nee Armstrong)


Florence Mabo and her husband

Florence Mabo and husband and two ministers


Glen Manion


Myles and Emma Martin

Jim Martin, Winnie (Card) Martin, Bernice (Kring) Gunsinger, Andy Gunsinger, unknown

George Martin

Jim Martin

Home of Jim and Winnie Martin

Bob Martin

Ervin Martin

Bob and Tena Martin

Bob and Tena Martin

Bob and Tena Martin 1942


Claude and Winnie (Massey) Kellar

Laverne Massey


John McDonald, Dorothy and Allen McDonald

Cletus McDonald

John McDonald

John McDonald cleaning up after tornado 1986

John McDonald

John McDonald

John McDonald


Russell McMurdoch

Russell McMurdoch, Kay McMurdoch (nee Scales) and Norma, Netta and Wayne


Nada McNeil (nee Struthers), Gwen Ackerman (nee Struthers), Joe Ackerman and Nelson McNeil 1943

Herb McNeil and Lucy Haines


Margaret Millar


Mundells, Front: Calven, Carrie, Edrey, Euretta Middle Deb, George, Clara and Recil Back: Wesson, Bill

Wesson Mundell

Pte. A. J. Mundell

Wes Mundell

Roy Mundell

Minnie, Lizzie, John and Bill Mundell

Mrs. John Mundell, Mary Allen and Emma Sproule

Minnie Lizzie John and Bill Mundell

John Iness Jack Clara Elizabeth and Delbert Mundell

John and Elizabeth (Ryder) Mundell

John, Iness, Jack, Clara, Elizabeth and Delbert Mundell

John Mundell's girls, Clara, Rettie, Elva and Elsie

Carrie and Joe Mundell

Mundell twins Elva and Elsie

John and Elizabeth (Ryder) Mundell

Elizabeth Mundell (Ryder)

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